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COVID-19 Update - Continuity of Learning for 2-6 Students

Friday, March 27, 2020 -

Hello Liverpool Central School District Parents and Guardians,

We wish to thank each of you for your flexibility and support as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary focus during this mandated time away from school is to make sure that our students, staff, families, and community are safe.

Continuity of Learning
Recent guidance from the New York State Education Department indicates that each school district needs to have a Continuity of Learning Plan in place for all students. The Liverpool Central School District remains committed to ensuring that we provide the best learning opportunities as we possibly can. At the same time, we are doing what is necessary to begin more formalized online instruction. We have not abandoned our curriculum. The resources (ELA and Math packets) initially provided were designed to reduce regression as students were out of school for an initial period of a few weeks. At this point, it appears the closure may be extended; therefore, we will be transitioning to instruction designed to advance the curriculum.

It is not our intention to overwhelm students or parents during these uncertain times. Rather, the resources being provided have been designed to advance students through new material. Below are the student expectations for the various subjects as we move forward with the school year. Elementary teachers will assess student learning or give feedback when appropriate but will not be taking any formal grades during the period of time we are closed.

Accessing Resources
Students are enrolled in two Google Classrooms, one for their homeroom and one for Special Areas. In their homeroom classroom, they will receive instructional resources for ELA, Math, and the Positivity Project. The Special Area Google Classroom will include weekly activities for Art, Music, Library and Physical Education.

Math - For K-6 Math, we will continue to move forward using some of the i-Ready and Ready Math resources that were used in the classroom all year. In addition to these resources, each week there will be an instructional video provided by one of the grade level teachers in the district with practice problems that go with the instruction. Additionally, there will be assigned lessons in i-Ready. When your child completes their assigned lessons, they will work on their individual pathway in the program. There is also a “Math Choice” day built into the weekly plan. Feel free to incorporate this day however you see fit. For more information on the math resources, follow this link: Math Resource Video.

ELA - 2-5 ELA Teachers are working together to design lessons that will ensure students are practicing the skills deemed most important. During the extended school closure, lessons shared Monday - Thursday will contain direct instruction from teachers, video examples, and read-alouds, as well as activities for guided and independent practice. Parent-friendly directions will be included with each day’s lesson to help facilitate learning. Friday will be “Fun Friday” which consists of students being given a choice of interactive learning activities that are related to the priority standard that was focused on during the week. Students in grades 2-5 will be expected to log into their teacher’s Google classroom on a regular basis to access each day’s lesson.
6th grade ELA teachers will continue to follow the modified middle level schedule that they have always implemented. This means that 6th grade students should continue to access their teacher’s Google Classroom.

Special Area - Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library activities will be available to students in the Special Area Google Classroom. Information pertaining to how to access this Google Classroom will be distributed later next week.
Special Services

ENL - ENL Teachers are working together to put together lessons and resources from the National Geographic curriculum that students have used throughout the school year. Students can access ENL resources, activities, and lessons through their homeroom teacher’s Google Classroom. In addition, ENL teachers will continue advancing the language acquisition of their students and supporting their families by responding to their questions remotely via telephone and email.
Special Education (Including Special Education Teachers, School Psychologists, Related Service Providers, and Resource Teachers) - Special education providers are supporting students remotely using email, phone calls, and Google Meet, as well as through paper packets when necessary, to address your child’s goals to the extent that is possible and practical. Special education teachers will continue to work with General Education Teachers to modify lessons and provide students specially designed instruction as well as provide the necessary modifications, accommodations, and services necessary to meet the needs of our students.

Food Service
Meals are served on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On both Monday and Wednesday, children will receive two full breakfasts and two full lunches (one hot, one cold). On Friday, children will receive one full breakfast and one full lunch.

In addition, the district has extended the availability of these nutrition sites to include the Monday and Wednesday of Spring Break (the sites will be closed on Good Friday, April 10).

LCSD Food Service workers will provide meals (both breakfast and lunch) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at four LCSD school buildings:

* Chestnut Hill Elementary, 200 Saslon Park Drive
* Long Branch Elementary, 4035 Long Branch Road
* Liverpool Elementary, 910 Second Street
* Nate Perry Elementary, 7053 Buckley Road

LCSD school buses will drop off meals (both breakfast and lunch) to students on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 15 locations throughout the district. The times are as follows:

11 to 11:30 a.m.
* Sunflower @ community park
* Lakeview Townhomes
* Candlelight @ office
* Braemar @ mailboxes
* ABC Estates
* Brentwood Village Apts
* Eagles Pointe Townhomes
* Grenadier Village

12:15 to 12:45 p.m.
* Norstar Apartments
* Hampton Estates
* Pinetree/Kingwood Garden
* Madison Village @ clubhouse
* Madison Village @ mailboxes
* Burningtree @ Shallowcreek
* Heritage Apartments

All meals are take-home meals. Meals cannot be consumed on site.

For more information, please contact Food Service Director Annette Marchbanks at 315-622-7172.

Positivity Project (P2) - The Positivity Project has a mission “To empower America’s youth to build positive relationships and become their best selves.” Positivity Project focuses on the character strengths of each student and teaches them the importance of relationships and that other people matter. The Positively Project is part of the fabric of our elementary schools and during the extended school closure weekly P2 activities will be available to students and their families.

Click here for a sample at-home schedule that will help provide your child with a structured schedule that contains both family time and academic time.

If you have questions or a need that we can work on for you, please contact your child’s teacher, and we will work diligently to resolve any challenges you may be facing.

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