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COVID-19 Update: Continuity of Learning for Middle School Students

Friday, March 27, 2020 -

Dear LCSD Middle School Students and Families,

The middle school staff and administration hope that this letter finds you safe and healthy during this life-altering event. We have been working hard to put plans in place that will allow us to continue to deliver instruction remotely to all students. This plan is called our Continuity of Learning Plan. Below we have identified the key details of the plan with which students and families must be familiar. Please read them carefully:

Beginning this Monday, March 30, we are asking our teachers to begin assigning new content to their students using Google Classroom. To date, teachers have been providing review activities and materials to avoid regression, but we must necessarily begin to advance the curriculum. Students should follow the schedule below for completing their course work and checking their Google Classroom sites.

1. In an attempt to balance core and encore engagement, the middle level will follow an A/B course rotation schedule, as follows:

  • 1. ELA, math, LOTE, Art/PE or Health (according to a student’s current schedule).
  • 2. Science, SS, FACS/Tech, Music, Resource

2. Students should follow this calendar (click here) that identifies the daily rotation beginning Monday, 3/30.

3. To reduce conflicts for students trying to interact with teachers online, “office hours” will be hosted according to the following schedule:

A Day:

9:00 - ELA
10:00 - Math
11:00 - LOTE
12:00 - Art/PE/Health

B Day:

9:00 - Science
10:00 - SS
11:00 - FACS/Tech
12:00 - Music
1:00 - Resource

To this point, teachers have been evaluating student work for accuracy, but have not been recording grades in Schooltool to be calculated as part of the student average. The new work assigned by teachers will be graded as part of the 4th quarter average. We cannot stress enough that students need to check their school email and teachers’ Google Classrooms on a daily basis in order to keep up with their learning and assignments. Students should email their teachers or counselors directly with any academic questions or concerns.

How are we handling the close of the 3rd marking period? Any assignments given on or before March 16 (our last day of face-to-face instruction) will count for Marking Period 3. All work for marking period 3 must be turned in by next Friday, April 3. We encourage students to continue to work with their teachers on making up any missing assignments. Anything new being assigned and graded on Google Classroom will be posted to Marking Period 4. We are doing this to make sure students are not penalized during Marking Period 3 based on the impact of our extended closure.

We thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to your learning during such uncertain times. We understand that this is a very new way of learning for many of our students, families, and teachers, but we have a very patient, understanding, and flexible teaching staff that is willing and able to support you. Take care, and stay strong Warriors!

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