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Elementary Report Cards Revised

Friday, September 13, 2019 -

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Liverpool Central School District consistently strives to enhance and improve its programs and offerings. As part of this effort, a committee of teachers, content area & support specialists, and administrators worked collaboratively to revise the Elementary Standards-Based Report Cards. The committee began the process of comparing the learning indicators included in previous report cards against the newly adopted New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. Revisions were made to present new and revised learning standards in language that will provide more explicit and meaningful feedback regarding student progress throughout the school year.

Several additional revisions were made to address the feedback provided by the stakeholders. The number of reporting periods will remain the same with three trimesters, which allows for additional time within reporting periods to collect student learning evidence and monitor developmental growth. In general, the overall number of learning indicators has been decreased to focus on the priority standards, concepts, and skills studied during each trimester. In addition, the standards-based grading scale has been modified from a 1-4 scale to a 1-3 scale. This adjustment was implemented to better communicate when a standard has been met.

Rubrics will be created by the end of the first trimester. These rubrics align with each grade level report card and will help provide a clearer picture of student progress for parents at different points in the school year. When published in late October, companion rubrics will be available for parents on the District Web site under the “Parents” tab. These resources will provide parents with detailed information regarding how to interpret their child’s progress as indicated on each report card throughout the school year.

Lastly, students in sixth grade will have their grades reported using a percentage. In addition, parents of a sixth-grade student will have the ability to view their child’s grades online through the SchoolTool Parent Portal.

We believe these improvements will help to keep parents better informed about their child’s academic progress, and improve the overall communication between the school and home.


Richard B. Chapman
Executive Director for Elementary Education

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