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LE Students Learn Meaning of ‘Warrior’

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 -

What does it mean to be a Liverpool Warrior? LE students complete The Warrior Challenge obstacle course.

Liverpool Elementary students recently answered that very question during a school-wide project with library media specialist Laura Esposito and physical education teacher Chris Bisignano.

Esposito read students the book The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors, written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Adam Rex, during their library classes. The story, which featured three warriors who meet for an epic round of battles that never end, soon sparked a discussion about what qualifies someone to be a warrior. Esposito connected the discussion with some of the character traits students learned while participating in The Positivity Project.

During physical education classes, Bisignano challenged LE students to The Warrior Games, an obstacle course featuring a number of challenging activities (army crawl, hurdles and scooter races). After completing the course, he spoke to the students about perseverance, as well as being physically and mentally tough much like members of the Liverpool High School Varsity Club. The high school students visited LE earlier this school A poster featuring students thoughts on what it means to be a Warrior.year to explain how they balance school work while playing different sports.

What the students learned during the month-long project was that being a Warrior doesn’t always mean going to battle. In fact, for the LE students it meant so much more – being strong, being kind, being brave, being helpful.

To wrap up the project, each student was asked to submit what they think it means to be a Warrior. Their submissions were then turned into 137 posters – featuring the Liverpool Warriors mascot - and displayed in the LE hallways.

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