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Liftoff! LCSD Holds Fifth Annual Rocket Challenge

Thursday, July 11, 2019 -

One by one, rocket teams from seven Liverpool Central LCSD Executive Director Kasey Dolson extracts an eggstronaut from LE's rocket.School District elementary schools excitedly watched their rockets take off like a shot, then slowly head back to Earth with parachutes deployed.

On June 19, LCSD fifth-graders gathered at Clay Central Park for the fifth annual LCSD Rocket Challenge. Each team was asked to build their own rocket with room for an Eggstronaut, and teams used a variety of materials to protect the egg when it landed. Representatives from the Syracuse Rocket Club joined the students and launched the rockets from the club’s rail launcher.

All rockets were successfully launched and recovered, reaching altitudes well above 800 feet. Nate Perry Elementary’s rocket reached the highest at 924 feet and its Eggstronaut survived launch and landing.

The goal of the LCSD Rocket Challenge is to spark an interest in rocket science for LCSD fifth-grade students.

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