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MRE Sixth-Graders Host Greek and Roman Fest

Friday, June 15, 2018 -

Poseidon. Medusa. Hera. Athena. Those were just a few of the MRE sixth-graders perform a play during their Greek and Roman Fest.Greek and Roman gods and goddesses that recently greeted visitors to Morgan Road Elementary.

The mythological figures were part of the MRE sixth grade’s Greek and Roman Fest, which showcased what the students learned during a social studies unit about Ancient Greece and Rome. Donning togas, the sixth-graders performed four Greek and Roman plays - A Roman Romance, A Victory at Marathon, The Sea Monster’s Rage and Do Not Look Back! – for family and friends in attendance.

“They worked hard to memorize lines, design backgrounds & programs, and create sound clips to accompany the plays,” said MRE sixth-grade teacher Adrianna Ramirez.

The students also displayed class projects, which included electronic presentations, board games and papers, that touched on the mythology and landscape of Ancient Greece and Rome.

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