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Update Regarding Sixth-Grade Report Cards

Thursday, December 5, 2019 -

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you many of you are aware, we are transitioning our sixth grade students from an elementary standards-based report card to a secondary report card that is used in our middle schools and high school.  The secondary report cards will look very different from the elementary report cards in a few ways.  

Grades for sixth-grade students will be reported using percentages rather than the 1-4 standards-based grading system that was used when your child was in grades K-5.  Another change is the ability for parents to access their child’s grades anytime during the school year using the Schooltool Online Parent Portal. Here is the link to the Schooltool Parent Portal Information Page (click here). 

As we make the transition from the standards-based format to the format used at the secondary level, students will be graded in their core classes (English, math, social studies, and science) using percentage grades.  For this school year, special area classes (physical education, music and art) will use comments to report student achievement and progress over the course of the school year. Our special area teachers will be working this year to unpack and prioritize the new Next Generation Learning Standards specific to their subject areas.  Next school year, student grades in these areas will be reported to parents using percentage grades.  

Lastly, I am interested in your feedback regarding the following question.  With the ability to gain access to your child’s grades at any time by using the Schooltool Parent Portal, do you feel it is necessary to continue printing and sending paper copies of the report card at the end of each trimester? Please click this link to respond to the question.


Richard B. Chapman
Executive Director for Elementary Education

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