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WFE Students ‘Hangout’ with Illustrator & Author

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 -

Willow Field Elementary students recently connected with author andWillow Field Elementary students participating in a Google Hangout. illustrator Steve Light during a Google Hangout.

Light spoke with students about his career in illustration, which started with creating artwork for companies such as AT&T, Sony Films and the New York Times Book Review. He told the students that his love of storytelling inspired him to write and illustrate his very first children’s book 20 years ago.

WFE students had the opportunity to ask Light a number of questions. When asked if he preferred to write or draw, Light answered that he prefers to draw, adding that he uses fountain pens to create his artwork and he relies on his illustrations to tell his stories. He encouraged the students to have fun and make a lot of mistakes when they draw because making mistakes will help them learn.

The author and illustrator will publish his 23rd and 24th books this year. His book Swap! is nominated for this year’s Bresnahan Book Award, which will be presented on Friday, March 2, at the Barnes & Noble of Route 31.

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