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Curriculum » Elementary Education » Elementary Curriculum » Social Studies » Grade 5 » Unit 3: United States Government

Unit 3: United States Government

Unit 3
United States Government
Fifth Grade

  • Documents: Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Bill of Rights
  • Revisit three levels: local, state, national/federal
  • Three branches: legislative, executive, judicial
  • Citizenship/civic responsibilities
  • Geography: Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia
Government. amendments, republic, majority/minority, elections, inauguration, vote, oath, candidate, absentee ballot, Constitutional Convention, federalism, constitution, citizenship, vote, checks and balances, laws, cabinet, compromise, ratification, democracy, separation of powers, civil, convention, commander-in-chief, dispute, veto, census


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The United States and Canada, Prentice-Hall, Inc., Copyright 1998

Internet Sites
Ben’s Guide to U S Government for Kids
Click on appropriate menu items under the 3-5 “kite” link

BOCES Resources
The American Revolution: themes and things - V15716
Beginnings - V4985
A Native American’s View: Columbus and European Settlement - V4590
Creating the Federal Government - V15935, D1266
You’re Right and So Am I - V5763
Respect for Property and Authority - V4384
The Three Branches of Government - V18132
Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock - V8439
American Citizenship - V18130
Includes Teacher’s Guide
Becoming An Active Citizen - K1104
Includes resource disks

The Founding of Our Federal Government - V15558, D1076
A History of American Government -
The Three Branches of Government - V18132

The Birth of the Constitution -

Professional Resources at Soule Road Complex Library
Voting Machine - PRO RL324.6 V
Government – set of 2 books
The National Government
Shh! We’re writing the Constitution

Trade Books
America at the Time of George Washington, 1747 to 1803, by Sally Isaacs
Eyewitness Book: The American Revolution, by Stuart Murray

Cobblestone Magazine -- selected issues

Leveled Readers for Guided Reading
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
Letters From Mill Town


    Federal Government - Create 3 groups in the class to represent the 3 branches of the Federal Government. Lessons in content areas will need to be taught and used as background material. Use ideas for bills generated by students or current events, and discuss them. Send a fictitious bill through the process of becoming a law.

    Hangar Activity - Supplies (red,white, blue paper / wire hangar / yarn / yellow stars). Use different colors to represent the name and function of each. Stars can be used for specific job names, titles, or a proper name (ex. Executive Branch, President, George W. Bush)


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