Achieve 3000 Literacy

Achieve3000 is a literacy platform for students to use in their English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science classes. The program has a 17-year track record of successfully supporting literacy growth for students using the program/ The Liverpool Central School District is piloting the Achieve3000 program for students in grades 3-8. 

How Does it Work?

Students start out by taking LevelSet™, a brief online assessment which provides a baseline Lexile® reading level for each student. Using each student’s individual Lexile score, the Achieve3000 platform provides him or her with high-interest texts, so a student can work at his or her unique reading level (with Achieve3000 offering 10,000 articles at 12 levels in English and 8 levels in Spanish). Teachers also can assign specific texts based on curricular goals and to address students’ specific needs.

Students engage with each text through a five-step reading and writing routine that helps them gain confidence, build reading comprehension skills, and stretch to work with more challenging material. Depending on their specific needs, students also use built-in learning scaffolds to help them acquire new academic and discipline-specific vocabulary. In addition, it supports English as a New Language students to acquire English as their second language. As they work within the routine, students encounter embedded practice activities for each text; this allows them to meet grade level standards and expectations. It also helps teachers identify instructional gaps and enables the system to adjust students’ Lexile levels as they make reading gains.

Achieve3000 can help students—whether they start as struggling, on-level, or advanced readers—realize two to three times the growth that’s expected in a single school year. This has been proven repeatedly through the National Lexile Study, which analyzes Achieve3000 student usage and performance annually. Additionally, a gold-standard independent research study from 2015 enabled Achieve3000 to be recognized with the highest rating of “strong” evidence for effectiveness through Evidence for ESSA from the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins. (Visit the Achieve3000 Web site to access downloadable versions of these studies.)

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