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DDE 4th Grade Parade

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
12:30pm to 1:30pm

Please slowly pull up to your homeroom teacher's area and roll down the window or pop your trunk and our staff members will give you your child's belongings. PLEASE DROP ANY DDE LIBRARY BOOKS INTO THE BASKET NEXT TO YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER. Once you have gathered your belongings, wave goodbye to your teacher and proceed to the parent drop off circle. I will be there to wave goodbye and offer a treat to each child in the car. Everyone must stay in their car and children are not allowed out of the car for any reason during this event. If you would like photos, please do so on a different day when a crowd is not gathered. I'm so sorry, but this is how it has to be for all schools right now. It would work out best if your child were seated in either passenger window, the staff members will be on the sidewalk. Each homeroom teacher will be in their own spot spread apart from the other homerooms.

Event Category: Building Events


Donlin Drive Elementary
299 Donlin Drive
Liverpool, NY 13088
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