Phase Three Reauthorization Vote

In March 2016, Liverpool Central School District residents approved the Phase Three Capital Project which included renovations and improvements to three LCSD buildings - Liverpool High School, the Transportation Center and the former Wetzel Road Elementary.  The LHS portion of the project included improvements to the main entrance, fine arts and physical education areas of the building, along with exterior façade repair. The total cost of the proposed project at the time was an estimated $39.5 million. 

In July 2017, the district submitted the necessary renovation plans to the New York State Education Department for approval. This process took longer than anticipated, with the district receiving final state approval for those plans in June 2018. 

In turn the delayed approval pushed the district into summer bidding and while most components of the project came in on budget, the major component – the renovations at LHS – came in $10 million over budget. 

After discussing its options and making significant changes, the district was informed that an additional $5.8 million will be required in order to complete all phases of the capital project.  

Because of this, the district must ask the community to approve the revised Phase Three Capital Project at a new combined maximum estimated cost of $45,281,107 and to withdraw an additional $950,000 from the district’s 2009 Capital Reserve Fund for a new combined maximum appropriation of $3,600,278 from the district 2009 Capital Reserve Fund.

LCSD residents will be asked to reauthorize the revised Phase Three Capital Project on Tuesday, December 11. The vote will be held from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Liverpool High School Gymnasium (4338 Wetzel Road).

New Phase Three Capital Project Summary

New Total Cost: $45,281,107

Increase in Overall Cost: $5,800,000

New Capital Reserve Fund Amount: $3,600,278

Increase Covered by: 

  • Capital Reserve Fund 
  • State Education Department Building Aid
  • Original financial impact of the project ($13.80 per $100,000 of assessed property) will not be impacted or changed 

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