LCSD Transportation Department Introduces Tyler Drive

Tyler Drive Computer Screen

The Liverpool Central School District is focused on providing safe transportation for all students, and will enhance its scheduling and routing as part of Education 2020 by introducing Tyler Drive this fall. These mobile data GPS terminals will be installed on all district school buses and provide another safety measure with daily monitoring and security features keeping all students safe during transport. This solution helps drivers focus on the road and students, manage student location information in real time, and provide oversight of this important part of a child’s school day.

Tyler Drive is a system which includes software, a Mobile Data Terminal and a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Card Reader, which is mounted near the school bus driver. It provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions to each stop on their route, and manages student ridership, which is reported in real time back to the district’s transportation center. At each stop, the Mobile Data Terminal will display the names and photos of students who should be boarding or exiting at that bus stop.

All students will be issued an identification number and K-2 students will be provided a RFID scan card, which will act as their ID when boarding and exiting the school bus. If a student forgets or loses their card, the driver is able to register them manually on the Mobile Data Terminal.

Students also receive a card holder and backpack attachment reel as well as instructions on how to scan their cards when they get on or off the school bus.

In addition, the Liverpool CSD is pleased to offer the Traversa Ride 360 parent app this fall, which allows parents, guardians, and students to view bus information through a free, secure, web-based application that can be accessed using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. It provides both the estimated time of arrival at bus stops, and information on when your children have scanned on and off the bus. This tool is designed to let families check when their children are safely on the bus. When buses are running late parents and guardians will receive messages directly in the app.

Parents and guardians will receive login information with their annual bus letter in August. Parents and guardians can then download the Traversa Ride 360 mobile application through the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android phones). After the app has been downloaded, select Liverpool Central Schools in the school district listing. If you do not have your login information, you can contact the Transportation Department for assistance.

Address Changes

Have you moved? Will you be moving this summer? If so, please contact the LCSD Registration Office (315-622-7193) as soon as possible with your new address and new proof of residency. Any changes received after July 30 could take up to two weeks to be processed and may not be completed when bus routes are sent to families on August 19. 

Bus Routes for 2022-2023

The LCSD Transportation Department will mail letters to all LCSD families on August 19 notifying them of their child/children’s bus stops, route numbers, and app information. 

Letters will be mailed to Liverpool children attending private and parochial schools informing them of their pick-up and drop-off information, as well as letting them know where district transfer sites will be located. If you have not received your letter by August 23, call the Transportation Department at 315-453-0287. 

Childcare Updates

Requests for transportation to a registered daycare provider outside of their child’s home school boundaries or a babysitter within a student’s home school boundaries must be submitted to the LCSD Transportation Department. To download an application, visit the transportation Web site. 

Applications must be renewed annually. Parents and guardians who are requesting student transportation to a baby sitter outside of their child’s home school boundaries, which will result in a child attending a school other than his or her assigned home school, should contact the Office of Elementary Education at 315-622-7177 for more information. 

Drop Off Procedures for Kindergarten, First Grade Students

The LCSD Transportation Department has adopted a policy to better ensure student safety. Parents/Guardians of kindergarten and first-grade students who ride the bus must complete the “Who Can Meet the Bus” form that specifies the individuals who they will entrust to meet the bus and make sure that their kindergartner or first-grader gets home safely. District bus drivers will not allow a kindergarten or first-grade student to be left off at a bus stop without someone there at the stop to ensure that they get home safely. To download the “Who Can Meet the Bus” form, visit the Transportation Department Web site.