Preparing for Winter Weather

School Bus Driving in Traffic During Snowfall

Central New York has lucked out so far this winter with just a little bit of precipitations (unlike our neighbors to the North and West). Eventually it will be CNY's turn for snow and cold.

During inclement weather, there are many factors that affect Liverpool Central School District buses and it is not uncommon for buses to run a few minutes late. Students still need to be at the bus stop on time, even in the coldest of weather. If the students are not out, the bus cannot wait because that would delay the route for everyone else.
Since there is always the chance for buses to run late due to the weather, please have your child dressed appropriately for the weather while waiting for the school bus.

At some point this winter, the Liverpool Central School District will experience a delay or closing. When that happens, the information is posted on the LCSD Web site ( immediately, usually before 6 a.m., and announced using the ParentSquare (e-mail and text message) service. In addition, local television stations will announce the delays or closings live on TV and on their Web sites.

On certain rare occasions, emergency conditions, such as impending storms, may necessitate dismissal of students before regular school closing time. In such an event, efforts will be made to have the emergency closing posted on the Web site and announced via ParentSquare and local television stations.

If there is a delay, closing or early dismissal, the district will follow these guidelines for athletics, fine arts and extra-curricular activities:

  • Partial Day (After 12:00): K through Grade 12 - NO activities involving students will be permitted.
  • Full Day: K through Grade 12 - Practices, rehearsals and meetings involving students WILL NOT BE permitted.
  • Full Day: Grades 9 through 12 - Competitions and performances involving students MAY BE permitted at the discretion of the principal, the director of athletics or the director of fine arts.

It is important that your contact information is up-to-date in our student information system so that you can receive notices from ParentSquare in the event school is closed, delayed or dismissed early. Please contact your school building if your contact information has changed.