DDE's Homework Philosophy

Donlin Drive Elementary School’s homework philosophy can be summed up in two words: Positive and Purposeful.

Students at DDE will be provided homework to reinforce skills taught in class and in order to gain insight into how they best learn independently. Homework will be assigned at an independent level for ALL students.

The amount of time spent on homework for DDE students will gradually increase, as do their developmental abilities. Therefore, our youngest students will spend 5-10 minutes on homework while our oldest students will spend 30-45 minutes on homework.

We cherish enrichment activities as life-learning opportunities and therefore homework will not be assigned on weekends, or on evenings when DDE after-school activities are scheduled.

We commit to sharing the message that parents have the right to stop homework and simply write a comment to the teacher if a child is unable to work independently on his/her work. Students at DDE will not be punished for incomplete homework, however efforts will be made to ensure the purposeful work is completed at home.

The Staff at Donlin Drive Elementary