LMS Science Olympiad Team Heads to State Competition

Anatomy & Physiology. Ornithology. Meteorology. Machines.

Those are just four of the topics that 15 Liverpool Middle and Liverpool High School Annex students have spent the last three months studying as members of the LMS Science Olympiad Team.

Their hard work recently paid off when the team qualified for the New York State Science Olympiad Division B Competition, which will be held virtually on Saturday, April 17.

The team qualified for the state competition after earning medals in 12 of 15 events at the Science Olympiad Mid-State Regional in March. The team also earned Top 5 awards in six of the events.

LMS seventh-graders Bianca Tantalo, Madison Williams and Vanessa Le said each team member was asked to partner with another and select the topics they were most interested in studying. Together they created binders filled with important information pertaining to each topic, which they then studied after school or at home over the last few months.

On the day of the regional, each pair was sent to a classroom where they awaited a code to open their test. One team member would read the questions while the other recorded their answers on an answer sheet. The goal was to try to answer as many questions correctly as they could in 50 minutes.

LMS Science Olympiad team members received the following honors during the Science Olympiad Mid-State Regional:

1st Place - Anatomy & Physiology: Nathan Alexander and Kaitlyn Thompson

2nd Place - Meteorology: Nathan Alexander and Kaitlyn Thompson

3rd Place -Fossils: Ruby Brown and Marissa Elmore

3rd Place - Ornithology: Vanessa Le and Naveen Mere

5th Place - Circuit Lab: Catherine Ault and Marissa Elmore

5th Place - Heredity: Nathan Alexander and Kaitlyn Thompson

7th Place - Machines: Catherine Ault and Ruby Brown

8th Place - Road Scholar: Molly Murphy and Madison Williams

8th Place - Water Quality: Aiden Little and Landon Parry

9th Place - Reach for the Stars: Luciana Deuel and Julia Recor

9th Place - Disease Detectives: Julia Recor and Bianca Tantalo

9th Place - Dynamic Planet: Luciana Deuel and Bianca Tantalo

In all, 53 teams from across New York State will compete during the NYS Science Olympiad Competition on April 17.