MRM Open Locker/Orientation Week

Students will have the opportunity to visit MRM before the first day of school beginning August 30 to September 2. Come and find your locker and make your way around the school. Families and students are welcome to attend one of the Orientation Presentations in the cafteria during the times listed:

Aug 30: STEAM Team (12-12:30pm)

Aug 31: 6th Grade (12-12:30pm)

Sept 1: 7th Grade (12-12:30pm) 

Sept 2: 8th Grade (12-12:30pm)

MRM Back to School Supplies 2022-2023

All students will need a supply of pens/pencils and one pair of headphones to use throughout the school year.

6th graders will also need:

1 Pad Sticky Notes

4 Folders- Each a different color/design

2 Composition Notebooks

2 One-Subject Notebook

1 Package of Dry Erase Markers

1 Pack of Colored Pencils

Donations Appreciated:  Tissues, Clorox Wipes, Glue Sticks, Dry Erase Markers

7th graders will also need:

4 Folders (each a different color/design)

Looseleaf Paper

1 Composition Book

Scientific Calculator-Model TI-30XIIS

Pack of Colored Pencils

2 Highlighters

Pencil Pouch

8th Graders will also need:

2 folders

1 Composition Book

loose leaf paper

Scientific calculator TI-30XIIS


The 7/8 STEAM Team will also need:

Flash Drive

Pack of Color Pencils

4 spiral notebooks (single subject) for Science, ELA, Math, and Social Studies 

1 Folder 

TI30x Calculator 


Sixth Grade


Blocks 1 & 2: Core Classes (80 minutes each)
Blocks 3 & 4: Electives or Specials
Block 5: Core 6 Class (70 minutes) & Lunch (30 minutes)
Block 6: Electives
Blocks 7 & 8: Core Classes (80 minutes each)

Sixth Grade Electives: PE, Sped, Support/Enrichment, Band Chorus, Orchestra

Core 6 (40 Week Classes)

Science/Social Studies

Special Classes

Weeks 1-8: Art
Weeks 9-16: Music
Weeks 17-24: Health
Weeks: 25-32: FACS
Weeks 33-40: Tech

7th & 8th Grade

Block Schedule

Block 1-4: Core Classes (40 minutes each)
Block 5A: Lunch 7 (30 minutes); RtI 7 (30 minutes); Core 7 or Electives (40 minutes)
Block 5B: RtI 8 (30 minutes); Lunch 8 (30 minutes) or Core 8 or Electives (40 minutes)
Block 6: Specials Classes (8 Week Classes)
Blocks 7 & 8: PE or Elective (Based on A/B Schedule)


Core 7/8 (40 Week Classes)

Social Studies
World Language

Special Classes

Weeks 1-8: Art
Weeks 9-16: Music
Weeks 17-24: Health
Weeks: 25-32: FACS
Weeks 33-40: Tech