Education 2020

Since its inception, the mission of the Education 2020 Graphic featuring Graduation cap.Liverpool Central School District has been to educate its students and prepare them for the future. While that mission has never wavered, the community the district serves has evolved in numerous ways.

Gone are the days when Liverpool’s population boom meant the district opened new buildings on a regular basis. Instead, the district’s enrollment has dropped by almost 2,000 students in the last 20 years.

Gone also are the days when the standard curriculum was more than enough to prepare students for typical career paths. Instead research shows that students attending Liverpool  schools right now will more than likely be hired as adults for jobs that don’t exist today.

With those facts in mind, the Liverpool Central School District has launched its Education 2020 initiative.

For more than a year, a committee of parents, teachers, administrators and community members has explored the future of education in the district and the ever-changing needs of students.

One of the committee’s most recent assignments was to gather the thoughts of Liverpool Central School District employees regarding the district’s future.

In November 2018, 760 LCSD employees completed a survey which focused on topics such as program opportunities, class sizes, grade reconfiguration, facility use & costs, mental health & safety, and staff & professional development.

It is important that the district has a shared vision with the community it serves. In that vein, the district will hold community meetings during the months of May and June to discuss the goals of the Education 2020 initiative and share the staff survey results. 

Schedule of Education 2020 Community Meetings


The committee also is in the process of creating a community survey that the district anticipates will be conducted in June.