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Answers to Ed 2020 Q & A - August 15, 2019

Q: Is it true that LCSD will soon stop providing students with their class ranking and no longer have a Top 60 list or a valedictorian? If so, what is the reason for this change?  
A: This topic has been discussed at the high school and district levels, but no decision has been made at this time. Eliminating class rankings is a growing trend nationally, however there is a misconception about this practice. Schools will still weigh courses, have GPAs, and rank internally so that students can use that information when applying for scholarships. In addition, class rank is not viewed as an important attribute for acceptance into colleges and universities. Instead they look at grades, rigor of classes, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and SAT/ACT scores to determine acceptance. Currently several districts in the area – including Fayetteville-Manlius, Jamesville-DeWitt and Skaneateles – do not rank their students and North Syracuse decided to stop ranking students this past year. 


Answers to Ed 2020 Q & A - June 27, 2019

Q: Are you considering moving sixth-graders to the middle schools along with seventh- and eighth-graders?
A: Moving sixth-graders to the middle schools is just one of the grade reconfiguration options that the Education 2020 Committee has been exploring. All of the options the committee is exploring will provide students with more opportunities and allow the district to take advantage of a more efficient use of facilities.

Q: Are you considering closing the Annex and housing all ninth-graders in the main building along with grades 10-12?
A: If the district decides to reconfigure the middle schools to include students in grades six through eight, there will be a need for an additional middle school. Moving the Annex students up to the main building would open up space for that middle school, and the current set-up at the Annex would accommodate the curriculum needs for those students.

Q: What is the earliest any changes will go into effect?
A: The earliest any changes would take place would be the 2021-2022 school year.

Q: Has any decision been made on the possibility of switching the high school hours with the elementary schools?
A: No decision has been made in regards to modifying start times for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Answers to Ed 2020 Q & A - June 20, 2019

Q: Will the results of this poll taken by 760 district employees be released to the public?
A: We will publish the results of both the staff and community surveys in the fall. 

Q: When will Elmcrest Elementary close?
A: No decision has been made in regards to closing ANY Liverpool Central School District building. The purpose behind the Education 2020 Committee’s Community Survey is to see if the community supports the ideas the committee has been exploring, which includes the possibility of closing school buildings. The committee will make its recommendations to the Board of Education in late fall or early winter 2019.

Q: If the district changes the current grade configuration at the elementary and middle school levels, will my child still receive the same services that he or she currently receives?
A: Any service a student receives as part of their education in the Liverpool Central School District continues with them regardless of the grade level or building they attend.


Q: Why do some buildings have summer programs while others do not? Could that change in the future?
A: Currently four Liverpool Central School District buildings (Chestnut Hill, Donlin Drive, Liverpool and Long Branch Elementary) participate in the Summer Bridge Program. This program was made possible through a federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant that enabled Contact Community Services to provide these programs in our schools. These programs began in 2017 and will extend through the 2021 school year (although that is dependent upon federal funding allocations). The four schools currently participating were selected because they met the criteria of the grant. One of the topics the Education 2020 Committee has explored is expanding the number of summer opportunities for our students, however no official decision has been made.


Q:  Will curriculum be streamlined from building to building at the elementary level? I am referring to reading, writing and math curriculum across the district.
A: The Education 2020 Committee is looking to streamline a number of topics with its proposed plan, including curriculum, mental health & security, and extra-curricular opportunities. A streamlined curriculum would be a top priority for the committee.