Tech Tools and Tips

Teacher tools and other resources

Some tools and resources for our teachers in the district.

Instructional Technologies 

Here is a website dedicated to using technology in our district: Click here.

Video Tutorials

The IT department has created a series of short training videos showing little things that are specific to our district, specifically in regards to teacher MacBooks used in the classroom.

The videos are posted on Ensemble that is hosted at BOCES.  The link to the series for the Teacher MacBooks is here.

Epson Brightlink Projectors

A great resource for you to use on the Whiteboard are these interactive charts.

Interactive Whiteboard charts from daydream Education. These charts are for use on your computer (both on the projector or not).

Take a look and use as needed. They are a great resource for your classroom. 

To browse what we have so far, click HERE


There is a Tips & Tricks PDF for the iPads. It is from a group in England but has many useful tips. You can get it by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, or by clicking here.

Please feel free to use the following online resources.

  • Your Turnkey Trainers have created the following EasiTeach Next Generation lessons for your to use as starting points and examples of what can be done.
  • The demo can be found at the bottom of the page. It is a zip file that you can download and then unzip on your computer. It is called Combined EasiTeach Next Generation file .

For a full list of individual files (not one big combined file like above) click here. 

Google Apps for Education (Also known as Google for Education)

 Tech tips


TeamBoard Draw Online Resources

As this is a newer product there are less resources on this product, but keep checking as we will update as often as we find them.

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pdf Brightlink Manual for Teachers pdf 3.8 MB
pdf Easy Interactive Tools for the Mac pdf 463 KB
png Cheat Sheet for Mac Easy Interactive Tools png 168 KB
zip Combined EasiTeach Next Generation file zip 6.7 MB