Kindergarten Registration

 Children who will be five years of age on or before December 1 are eligible to attend kindergarten starting in September of each school year.


Students Entering School During the 2020 - 2021 School Year
Prospective families with a child who is eligible to enter kindergarten (born on or before December 1, 2015) in September 2020, can start the registration process by filling out the online forms on the main page of the Student Registration Web site (click here).


Students Entering School During the 2021 - 2022 School Year

Information Packets
Kindergarten registration letters will be mailed to prospective pupils and families with a child who is eligible to enter kindergarten (born on or before December 1, 2016). Those families who do not receive an information letter from the school during the first week of January 2021 are encouraged to call their school or the Office of Elementary Education at 315-622-7177 for the information.

Registration Date
Each elementary school will hold opening day enrollment for kindergarten at the District Office from 2:00-6:00. Each school has been assigned a specific day for parents to register: You may start your child's registration early by visiting our online  Student Registration page and completing all five registration links.

  • February 2, 2021 - Nate Perry Elementary, Donlin Drive Elementary, Chestnut Hill Elementary
  • February 3, 2021 - Soule Road Elementary, Morgan Road  Elementary, Willowfield Elementary
  • February 4, 2021  - Elmcrest Elementary, Long Branch Elementary, Liverpool Elementary

 After the initial registration day all subsequent registrations will be held at District Office.  When registering a child for kindergarten, the  parent or guardian must register the child in person. Please bring the following pieces of information:

  • Proof of Student's Age
    • Birth Certificate  (certified transcript of a birth certificate)
    • Record of Baptism
    • Passport
  • Immunization Record from Doctor
    • Not transcribed in a record (N.Y.S. Requirement)
  • Proof of Residency
  • Current copy of one of the following:
    • Signed Lease
    • Telephone Bill
    • Cable Bill
    • Gas/Electric/Oil Bill
  • Resident Parent Photo Identification
  • Some additional documents may be necessary, if applicable:
    • Residency affidavits
    • Proof of Guardianship/Custody
    • IEP for current CPSE students
    • Foster Parent Form (DSS-2999)

PLEASE NOTE: Your child’s place in his or her Kindergarten class will NOT be held until all registration documents have been submitted and approved.

Kindergarten Screening
According to NYS law, children entering kindergarten participate in a brief exercise called "kindergarten screening." It consists of several tasks for the child to complete. In Liverpool, students will be screened in June. Upon registration, parents will be notified of those dates.

Additional Information
Kindergarten students registering after the last day of the school year must enroll at the Registration Office at the District Offices. Questions about kindergarten registration procedures should be directed to the Office of Elementary Education at 315-622-7177.