Liverpool CSD to Host Community Discussion Regarding Mascot

The Liverpool Central School District will host a community discussion regarding its use of the Warrior nickname and logo on Monday, December 11, in the Liverpool High School Cafeteria.

The community discussion will begin at 6 p.m.

District officials will cover the following topics:

  • Provide background on the New York State Education Department's Regulation that prohibits the use of Indigenous names, mascots, and logos by public schools in New York State.
  • Seek members for a Liverpool Mascot Committee and explain the committee’s purpose and objective.
  • Share a timeline detailing opportunities for community feedback and deadline for a decision regarding the district’s nickname and/or logo.

Community participation is vital in discussions like these, and this event serves as a platform for the community to express their thoughts and concerns regarding the district's Warrior nickname and logo. It is open to the Liverpool community at large.

For further information and details about the New York State Education Department's guidance related to the use of indigenous names, mascots, and logos, you can visit their Web site.