New York State public schools, like the Liverpool Central School District, uses their budgets to describe its program plans for the upcoming year. School budget resources come from a combination of local, state and federal contributions.

Planning for the yearly school budget at the district level involves school administrators, school boards, school employees and community members.

While specific budget lines and items vary district to district and state to state, there are broad general categories that apply to most schools. These categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation:  buses and drivers to transport students
  • Facilities: to ensure students attend schools that are clean and well maintained
  • Energy: the school is lit during the day, heated in the winter and cooled in the summer
  • Health and Safety: the school nurse cares for the ill student, and security measures keep staff and students safe
  • Instruction: students have a qualified teacher, teachers have instructional aides, and classrooms have supplies
  • Curriculum and Staff Development: curriculum, training and instructional support to ensure teachers are able to provide students with necessary knowledge and skills
  • Library Services: the library and librarian/staff provide research assistance and resources  
  • Counseling Services: counselors for testing prep, college prep, drug/alcohol abuse programs, and supporting family needs in seeking outside counseling
  • School Leadership and Support: principal, assistant principals and administrative support staff