No Publicity Form

The Liverpool Central School District provides the community with news, photos and video from our schools as well as information about events, activities and achievements. At times we also share student work.

LCSD provides this information through a variety of media including, but not limited to the District newsletter, the District Web site and "social media" (Twitter/ Facebook/etc.) as well as information shared with the media (TV/ radio. newspapers/ magazines/ etc.) for their use.

Parents and guardians who DO NOT WANT their child's full name and photograph to appear in district publications or the local media are asked to make this request using the form below. This request will be shared with your child's principal and teacher.

PLEASE NOTE: This request does not preclude students from being included in school yearbooks, event programs, or displays in school buildings.

Not submitting a No Publicity Form will be interpreted as giving permission to photograph, film or identify your child in district publications and the local media.