The Liverpool Central School District understands how important social and emotional development and well-being are to students' success in school and beyond. Well-developed social-emotional learning (SEL) skills allow students to manage stress, control their behavior, get along with others and make good decisions. To better understand our students' instructional needs and gauge the effectiveness of our current programs, the district surveys students using a screening tool known as the Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System 2 (BIMAS 2). 

BIMAS-2 is a measure of social, emotional and behavioral functioning in children and adolescents ages Pre-K to 18 years. The BIMAS Standard Form includes 34 change-sensitive items that are used for universal screening of behavior concerns and for assessing and monitoring the progress of behavior and mental health related interventions. 

Learn more about BIMAS-2 on the Edumetrisus Web site.