Student Enrollment for Transportation Survey for 2023-2024

The Liverpool Central School District would like to provide some clarification regarding the new annual enrollment process for student transportation.

All Liverpool CSD students are eligible for transportation to and from school each day and every student will be assigned a bus route for next school year. The district is, however, looking for those who DO NOT INTEND to use district transportation full time to respond to this survey. 

The electronic student enrollment for transportation form provides families that know they will not need district-provided transportation with a way to inform the district of their plans before the bus routing process begins. This includes families planning to drop off and pick up their children or those that will have a student driving to and from school.

The new enrollment process is an effort by the Liverpool Central School District to improve their transportation services and ensure that resources are being used efficiently. The hope is that this will help free up bus drivers so that they can provide services like sports shuttles without interruption throughout the school year.

This process in no way waives a child’s right to district-provided transportation. If a situation changes at any time, families can resubmit the electronic student enrollment for transportation form.  Any changes to transportation enrollment will be made within 3 business days of form submission. The transportation department will monitor student ridership through the use of attendance logs and student scan card data. If students have not been transported for 10 consecutive days or more, the department will contact families to address the situation.