Welcome to the Transportation Department

Laura D'Arcangelis

Director of Transportation

Transportation Operations and Management

Sean Brown

Assistant Director of Personnel (TC)

Human Resources, Student Management, Technology

Daniel Elderbroom

Auto Mechanic Crew Leader

Contact Regarding Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Deana Mahar

School Secretary I

Office Communications and Correspondence

Michele Doeing

School Bus Dispatcher

Contact Regarding AM Dispatching

Peggy Crosby

School Bus Dispatcher

Contact Regarding PM Dispatching and Field Trips

Cassandra Neil

School Bus Dispatcher

Contact Regarding Students with Disabilities, BOCES Programs

  • Yellow school buses are the safest mode of transportation to and from school.
  • In Liverpool, we safely transport more than 6,900 students daily to 39 buildings in Central New York.
  • Superintendent's Regulation #5730 allows elementary students to walk up to .2 of a mile and secondary students to walk up to .3 of a mile from their front door to the bus stop.
  • Students off buses are considered pedestrians. The parent partnership supporting bus stop safety helps ensure the safety of students waiting to board the bus and after the bus ride.
  • Buses most likely will run late the first few days of school. Thank you for your patience as we begin a new school year.