Welcome to the Transportation Center

Located at 4101 Long Branch Road, Liverpool, NY 13090

Main Phone # 315.453.0287 Fax: # 315.453.0282

Student transportation is an important service that plays a crucial role in the overall educational program. Providing safe and efficient transportation for students is necessary to ensure that they can attend school regularly and on time. Our transportation services must be adapted to meet the unique requirements of the instructional program, which may involve transporting students to and from field trips, extracurricular activities, and other educational events.

Safety is our top priority when it comes to student transportation. Buses are properly maintained and equipped with safety features such as seat belts, emergency exits, and first aid kits. Additionally, our drivers are trained to operate the buses safely and to follow all traffic laws and regulations.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are important factors in providing student transportation services. Our bus routes must be designed effiently to minimize travel time and maximize the number of students served while keeping operational costs low. This requires careful planning and coordination between our transportation staff, school administrators, and parents.

The Liverpool transportation department is essential for ensuring that students have access to a quality education. By providing safe, efficient, and adaptable transportation services, we help our students arrive at school ready to learn and participate fully in their educational experience. If you have any questions regarding your students transportation please contact us using the directory below. 

Sean Brown

Sean Brown

Director of Personnel at Transportation

Operations and Management, Human Resources, Budget, Technology

Photo of Michael Zopff Jr.

Michael Zopff Jr.

School Transportation Supervisor

Student Management, 19-A Compliance Officer, Bus Training Program

Photo of Daniel Elderbroom

Daniel Elderbroom

Auto Mechanic Crew Leader

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, DOT, DMV, Purchasing

Photo of Michele Doeing

Michele Doeing

School Bus Dispatcher

Contact Regarding: AM Dispatching, Routing & Planning, Private & Parochial Schools

Photo of Priscilla McIlroy

Priscilla McIlroy

School Bus Dispatcher

Contact Regarding: PM Dispatching, Field Trips, Athletics, Fine Arts, Students wit...

Photo of Jennifer Stauffer

Jennifer Stauffer

19-A Safety Officer

19-A Examiner, SBDI, Driver Trainer

Photo of Peggy Crosby

Peggy Crosby

Sub Dispatcher

Photo of Jean Giuseppetti

Jean Giuseppetti

Sub Dispatcher

  • In Liverpool, we safely transport more than 7,468 students daily to 59 buildings in Central New York.
  • Superintendent's Regulation #5730 allows elementary students to walk up to .2 of a mile and secondary students to walk up to .3 of a mile from their front door to the bus stop.
  • Students off buses are considered pedestrians. The parent partnership supporting bus stop safety helps ensure the safety of students waiting to board the bus and after the bus ride.
  • Buses most likely will run late the first few days of school. Thank you for your patience as we begin a new school year.
  • Yellow school buses are the safest mode of transportation to and from school.