Introducing the Traversa Ride 360 App

Ride 360 App Logo

The Liverpool Central School District Transportation Department is proud to announce it will enhance student safety and security by implementing a new Web site and mobile phone app that allows families and students to look up bus route information, receive real-time alerts and notifications, and will eventually allow tracking the location of school buses in real-time. 

LCSD students in grades K-2, as well as ENL and Special Education students, will receive RFID cards to scan into the buses as part of this new pilot program. These cards will be sent out to families along with bus route information before the start of school and will include information on how to use the app. 

Traversa Ride 360 is a mobile app for Apple and Android devices to help ensure students never miss the bus again. Ride 360 allows parents and students to access their own secure data for bus stop location, route, and pick-up time. Each Liverpool bus is now equipped with Tyler Drive GPS, and Ride 360 can use the GPS geolocation to let users know when to expect their bus each day and provide the district real-time data to enhance the safety and security of all students during transport. 

The Traversa Ride 360 app contains each student’s bus route information and is used to send alerts and notifications for school bus delays or other issues that might affect a student’s school bus route. 

Parents can use a mobile device, tablet, or desktop to view this information. Visit the Traversa Ride 360 Web site or download as an iPhone or Android app.

More information about the Traversa Ride 360 app and download directions can be found on the LCSD Transportation Web site.