Grade 7 Curriculum

Each unit will consist of 1-3 chapters in which we relate similar topics to better understand how life exists on Earth.

  • Unit 1: Scientific Method & Experimental Design
  • Unit 2: Measurement  & Graphing
  • Unit 3: Earth Structures & Plate Tectonics
  • Unit 4: Meteorology
  • Unit 5: Astronomy
  • Unit 6: Forces and Motion
  • Unit 7: Energy, Work and Simple Machines
  • Unit 8: Heat and Temperature
  • Unit 9: Waves: Light and Sound

Grade 8 Curriculum

Unit 1: Science Basics

Experimental method, using and converting scientific units, lab equipment and safety, measuring in the science lab, mass, volume. – 3 weeks

Unit 2: Ecology

Biomes (Boxes), Marine and freshwater ecosystems, food chains and webs, interrelatedness with abiotic factors, water and nutrient cycles, resource conservation – 6 weeks

Unit 3: Life Science Principles

Life Processes, Cell Theory, Cell structure (Plant vs. Animal), Cell organization, microscopy, plant basics, classification systems, and dichotomous keys, microorganisms (if time permits) – 6 Weeks

Unit 4: Human Body Systems

Dynamic equilibrium maintenance, Overview of all systems with focus on digestive, circulatory, respiratory, muscular/skeletal, endocrine, and nervous system interdependence – 3 Weeks End mid Jan.

Unit 5: Repro/Dev, Genetics and Evolution

DNA, Cell reproduction, Human Repro. System, Mendelian genetics, Punnett squares, Evolutionary schemes, Evidence for evolution (fossils, vestigial structures, etc) – 6 Weeks

Unit 6: Density, Lab Performance

Density, Microscope review, Dichotomous key review, practice test, 7th grade review (ES and Phys) – 3 weeks End of March

Unit 7: Properties of Matter

States of matter and state changes, fluid dynamics and gas laws, Kinetic Theory, Physical/chemical properties and changes (weathering), Mixtures, Mixture separation techniques, Solubility – 5 Weeks

Unit 8: Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Atomic Structure, sub-atomic particles, properties of elements, Periodic Table, chemical bonding, catalysts, pH, Reaction types, writing and naming chemical formulas and compounds (time permitting) – 5 Weeks