Social Studies

United States and New York State History

The focus of Liverpool CSD Middle Level Social Studies content is to prepare students for their role as citizens by studying history, economics, geography, and government. Grades 7 and 8 curriculum focuses on a chronological study of United States and New York State history through application of the social sciences. Course content is divided into 16 units tracing the American experience from pre-Columbian times to the present. The Liverpool CSD Curriculum content ties political, geographic, economic, and social trends in this study of United States history to parallel trends and time frames in New York State history.

The 16 units are explored within a two-year time frame.

  • Unit 1: Global Heritage of the American People Prior to 1500
  • Unit 2: European Exploration and Colonization of Americas
  • Unit 3: The 13 English Colonies
  • Unit 4: The American Revolution
  • Unit 5: Experiments in Government
  • Unit 6: New Nation
  • Unit 7: Growth and Expansion
  • Unit 8: The Civil War
  • Unit 9: Reconstruction
  • Unit 10: Reshaping the Nation
  • Unit 11: A New Role in the World
  • Unit 12: Prosperity and Depression
  • Unit 13: World War II
  • Unit 14: The Cold War
  • Unit 15: Post Cold War Era
  • Unit 16: World Geography