Chromebook 1:1

G Suite for Education (Formerly known as Google Apps for Education -GAFE)

G-Suite for Education apps

G Suite is a free web based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use. G Suite includes such programs as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Sites.  G Suite  can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection (school, home, smart phone, etc.) This reduces and replaces the need for flash drives and/or external data drives. Furthermore, since G Suite is all online, it is the same everywhere you use it. There is no issue with having one version of a program at home and a different version at school.  All staff and students in the Liverpool Central School District will have access to G Suite  through a secure account managed by the LCSD.  Access to G Suite allows your child to:

  • Create a wide variety of products (documents, presentations, videos, etc.) to demonstrate their thinking and learning.
  • Easily share documents and files with teachers and other students so he/she can turn in assignments electronically, receive timely feedback and support, and collaborate on projects with classmates.
  • Connect and communicate with classmates, teachers and a global audience through Gmail*, Google Hangouts, and Google+

Introducing the Chromebook

Chromebook laptop

The Liverpool Central School District will provide each student in grades 4 and 7 with an HP 11 G5 Chromebook. Chromebooks are low-cost personal computers with integrated access to the Google Apps for Education suite and a robust catalog of educational content and online tools.  Rather than using traditional software that resides on the device itself, Chromebooks operate on Google’s web-based Chrome platform and update automatically so they are easy to use, manage, and support.  Furthermore, students must be logged in with their G Suite  account to use their Chromebook which creates a personalized and secure user experience.  Students are encouraged to continue their learning outside of the school day by using their personal devices at home and other locations outside of school.  They just use the same G Suite  account as at school. Students are bound by the Liverpool Central School DIstrict’s Acceptable Use Policy wherever they use their Chromebooks and/or G Suite account.                                

Chromebook Overview:

Chromebooks are designed to allow users access to the Internet via the Chrome operating system. In the Liverpool Central School District, staff and students can use a district provided account to use Chromebooks and access their G Suite for Education accounts. The Chromebooks that 4th and 7th grade students will have starting in April of 2017 allow the user to store, access and interface with content that is stored remotely with their Google Apps for Education account. Using this tool puts an emphasis on access to the resources of the Internet over access to a specific device. As long as a student has a connection to the internet, using their account they can connect to all the materials they create, communicate with teachers and collaborate with school and community members. Even when a connection to internet is not available, students who are using Chromebook can access create or modify files associated with their G Suite  for Education Google Drive account.  

Q & A

Q. What is G Suite for Education? (Formally know as GAFE)
G Suite for Education Core Services

A. G Suite provides a robust, low cost (actually free), cloud-based platform that is a good fit for achieving district teaching and learning goals. G Suite for Education is an integrated communication and collaboration solution, hosted by Google and managed by the Liverpool Central School District.  G Suite will provide the ability for LCSD students, faculty and staff to communicate, store files, and collaborate in real time from school, work, or home, all within a secure online environment.

Q. Why Chromebooks?

A. Chromebooks are an affordable alternative to laptops or tablets that allow students access to the Internet and the Google Apps suite. Over the past several years they have had tremendous adoption rates in K-12 education and have proven to be an effective instructional tool. In addition, Chromebooks are sustainable, easy to manage and low-cost. We have been using them in our district for the last 5 years.

Q. How are these web-­based applications managed?

A. Each Chromebook we provide to students in grades 4-12 will be a managed device. Members of Liverpool Central  School District’s Technology Department will maintain devices through our G Suite for Education account. As such, the school can pre­install web­ applications as well as block specific web ­applications from a centralized management console.

Q. When will this begin?

A. Beginning in September of 2012 Liverpool began giving access to Google Apps for Education to students and staff. The 1:1 Chromebook initiative will begin in April of 2107 and continue yearly in September with students in grades 4, 7 and 10 being assigned a Chromebook for three years.

Q. What devices can I connect to a Chromebook?

A. Chromebooks can connect to:

  • USB storage, mice and keyboards

  • External monitors and projectors

  • Headsets, microphones

Q. Can the Chromebook be used anywhere at anytime?

A. Yes, if you have a WiFi signal to access the web, all features of Chrome are available. There are a limited number of Google apps and Chrome web apps that work offline including Google Docs.

Q. What about privacy?

A. Google Apps is governed by detailed privacy policy and security measures which LCSD has reviewed and is satisfied they appropriately protect the privacy of its users of these tools.  Under our Terms of Service Agreement with Google, like LCSD, they are obligated to comply with FERPA regulations.  Additional information about G Suite security & privacy may be found on the Google Web site.

Q. What assurances has Google given LCSD that they will not collect data on my student?

A. LCSD has a signed agreement with Google based on the terms of this agreement.  Please see Section 7 in that agreement, LCSD G Suite for Education is compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Children's Online Privacy Protection Act  (COPPA.)

Q. How does G Suite for Education and LCSD protect student privacy?

A. Google is a Student Privacy Pledge Signatory.

The Student Privacy Pledge will hold school service providers accountable to:

  • Not sell student information

  • Not behaviorally target advertising

  • Use data for authorized education purposes only

  • Not change privacy policies without notice and choice

  • Enforce strict limits on data retention

  • Support parental access to, and correction of errors in, their children’s information

  • Provide comprehensive security standards

  • Be transparent about collection and use of data.

There are NO ADS in G Suite for Education.

G Suite for Education services do not collect or use student data for advertising purposes or create advertising profiles.

Additional Information regarding Google Apps Privacy can be found by visiting the Google Web site.

These laws, regulations and policies assist in protecting our students online:

Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

The school is required by CIPA to have technology measures and policies in place that protect students from harmful materials including those that are obscene and pornographic. This means that student email is filtered. Mail containing harmful content from inappropriate sites will be blocked.

For more information about CIPA visit the Federal Communications Commission Web site.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

COPPA applies to commercial companies and limits their ability to collect personal information from children under 13. By default, Google advertising is turned off for Apps for Education users. No personal student information is collected for commercial purposes. This permission form allows the school to act as an agent for parents in the collection of information within the school context. The school’s use of student information is solely for educational purposes.

For more information about COPPA, visit the Federal Trade Commission Web site.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA protects the privacy of student education records and gives parents rights to review student records. Under FERPA, schools may disclose directory information (name, phone, address, grade level, etc...) but parents may request that the school not disclose this information.

  • The school will not publish confidential academic records (grades, student ID #, etc...) for public viewing on the Internet.

  • The school may publish student work and photos for public viewing but will not publish student last names or other personally identifiable information.

  • Parents may request that photos, names and general directory information about their children not be published.

  • Parents have the right at any time to investigate the contents of their child’s email and Apps for Education files.

For more information about FERPA, visit the U.S. Department of Education Web site.

Q. Who has access to my child’s account?

A. The G Suite Terms of Service agreement with LCSD contractually ensures that our institution (students, faculty, and staff) are the sole owners of their data.  Google will only access content stored on Apps when an administrator from LCSD grants Google explicit permission to do so. One example would be to investigate inappropriate use.

Q. Do Chromebooks come with Internet Filtering Software?

A. Yes. Chromebooks are filtered both in and out of district on any network. LCSD uses GoGuardian to remain in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act.

Q. Is there antivirus built into it?

A. It is not necessary to have antivirus software on Chromebooks because there are no running programs for viruses to infect.

Q. Battery life?

A. Chromebooks have a rated battery life of 6-8 hours. However, we do expect that students charge them each day in school before they leave for the day to ensure maximum performance during the next school day.

Q. Filtering?

A. The district uses both a Chromebook extension from GoGuardain and content filters on the entire network.  Below is a parent flyer on GoGuardian.