Attendance Information


The Board of Education recognizes that regular school attendance is a major component of the learning experience and a requirement for academic success. Accountability for learning begins with classroom attendance, and regular classroom attendance must be the first priority of our students. The Board also believes that regular school attendance maximizes a student’s interaction with his/her teachers and peers, and is a major component of academic success.

In accordance with NYS law, children must attend school from September of the year in which they become five through June of the year in which they turn 16. All students are expected to be in attendance whenever school is in session. The following are legal excuses for absence: personal illness, illness or death in the family, remedial health treatment, religious observation, required appearance in court, approved college visits and school-supervised trips. To review the attendance policy, please contact your building principal.

Early Dismissal

A written request from a parent or guardian stating the reason, time and date for early dismissal must be presented on the day of early dismissal.


Elementary and Middle Schools

A parent or guardian should call the school the morning the child is absent. If a call is not received, a parent or guardian will be contacted via the ParentSquare attendance system and asked to contact the school to confirm the absence. On returning to school, the student must bring a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian. The note should state the date and reason for absence.

Attendance Phone Numbers:
Chestnut Hill Elementary: 315-453-1193
Donlin Drive Elementary: 315-453-1224
Elmcrest Elementary: 315-453-1140
Liverpool Elementary: 315-453-1167
Long Branch Elementary: 315-453-1155
Morgan Road Elementary: 315-453-1270
Soule Road Elementary: 315-453-1152
Willow Field Elementary: 315-453-1132
Chestnut Hill Middle: 315-453-1166
Liverpool Middle: 315-453-1147
Morgan Road Middle: 315-453-1231
Soule Road Middle: 315-453-1168

High School

On the day of absence or late arrival, the parent or guardian should telephone the attendance office between 7 and 9:30 a.m. If a call is not received, a parent or guardian will be contacted via the ParentSquare attendance system and asked to contact the school to confirm the absence. On returning to school, the student must bring a note stating the reason for absence or tardiness, and the date of the absence or time of late arrival.

LHS Attendance Phone Number: 315-453-1290

Family Vacations

Occasionally parents remove their children from school for family vacations.

It is important to remember that it is not the teacher’s responsibility to replicate class experiences that students miss. Teachers will do their best to assist students who were absent, but they must balance this task with their normal teaching responsibilities.

Students must assume responsibility for initiating the makeup process with their teachers. Studies show that regular attendance leads to success in school.

Religious Education

Religious education programs are conducted by various churches in the community. Requests for early student dismissal to attend religious education programs must be submitted by parents in writing to the child’s teacher. Appropriate permission forms are frequently made available in the various churches. Schools are prohibited from offering new instruction to those who elect to attend religious education classes during school hours. Schools also are prohibited from holding students accountable for what they may have missed while attending religious instruction. In addition, religious instruction is not allowed in public schools.