Snow Days & Delays

When schools are closed because of weather conditions or other emergencies, early announcements will be made over local television stations, sent out via the Key Communicator and SchoolMessenger systems and posted on the District Web site ( On certain rare occasions, emergency conditions, such as impending storms, may necessitate dismissal of students before regular school closing time. In such an event, efforts will be made to have the emergency closing announced over local television stations, posted on the Web site and communicated through the SchoolMessenger and Key Communicator systems. In order to ensure that your child will be properly cared for if no one is at home, please make arrangements at the beginning of the school year so that your child will be assured shelter upon arriving home. Be sure to carefully explain all of these arrangements to your child.

Policies Regarding After School Activities

Partial Day (After 12 p.m.)
Pre-K through Grade 12: NO activities involving students will be permitted.

Full Day
Pre-K through Grade 12: Practices, rehearsals and meetings involving students WILL NOT BE permitted.

Grades 9 through 12: Competitions and performances involving students MAY BE permitted at the discretion of the Principal, the Director of Athletics or the Coordinator of Fine Arts.

Sign Up for E-mail or Text Message Alerts

SchoolMessenger is a notification service for parental outreach, emergency broadcasts and student attendance communication. All parents are automatically signed up for this service, and they can receive phone calls, text alerts, and e-mails about a range of important issues affecting their students’ safety and academic performance. It also will inform parents of upcoming school events, such as statewide testing and parent meetings.

For more information about SchoolMessenger, click here.

The Liverpool Central School District also sends e-mails regarding closings, delays or early dismissals to community members who subscribe to the Key Communicator Mailing List. To join the electronic distribution list, please send your name, street address and e-mail address to Please include “District Mailing List” in the subject of your e-mail.