Parent Teacher Association-PTO

Working together to promote a closer relationship between home and school is our goal for everyone in Elmcrest, Morgan Rd Elementary, and Morgan Road Middle!

In the Central Quadrant, there are three PTOs are compromised of  three schools (Elmcrest Elementary, Morgan Road Elementary and Morgan Road Middle). 

Your PTO Membership is a benefit to your student, to their teacher, and to the greater Liverpool Community!

This active group of parents and staff work together throughout the school year to support all students, planning many fun-filled and beneficial events each school year.

All parents are encouraged to participate!
Meetings are held monthly on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Elmcrest PTO

President: Caitlin Devendorf                                     

Vice President: Kylee Deese

Secretary: Amanpreet Kaur                                       

Treasurer: Karen Stace

Extracurricular Coordinator: Amy Humphrey           

Fundraising Coordinator: Melissa Hockey 

Morgan Road Elementary PTO

Jaime Lawless President

Kristyn Bennett- Vice President

Sonya Tolone, Treasurer

Kathleen MacDuff- Secretary

Morgan Road Middle School PTO

President: Laurie Rizzo 

Vice President: Kim Mitchell 

Secretary: Molly Cuda 

Treasurer: Dan Wood 

Fundraising Coordinator: Melissa Hockey

Community Outreach: Amy Humphrey



EE PTO President

Caitlin Devendorf

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PTO Leadership  2023-2024

EE PTO President:
Caitlin DevendorfMrs. Caitlin Devendorf

Originally from Rochester, I've been a resident of Liverpool for 7 years. My husband Erich is an Elmcrest alum and graduate of Liverpool High School. We have daughters in 6th, 4th and 1st and a son who will attend Elmcrest in 2024. I am formerly an art teacher at Victor Senior High and currently run an interior design business.  I enjoy time at our family camp in the Adirondacks, cooking, skiing, decorating for a variety of holidays and hosting get-togethers for our amazing community in the Irongate neighborhood.

This is my second year as EE president. I volunteer because I enjoy getting people together in ways that benefit the community. PTO combines my past job experience of event planning with my artistic skills to create meaningful and memorable experiences for our EE family. My goal for this year is to engage more families to see the big impact even a small donation of time makes.  Please contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas and input to help build Elmcrest's PTO. 

Phone: 315-944-2062 Email:

EE PTO Vice President:
Kylee Deese

I am honored to serve Elmcrest Elementary as PTO Vice President. I am currently a stay at home mom of three fantastic girls. By trade, I am a Registered Nurse with almost 20 years experience in the field with over 12 years in leadership. For the short time I've been volunteering with the PTO, I have learned that any amount of time or donation has a huge impact. I look forward to meeting more families and working with our school community to bring our kids and families an exciting and memorable year at EE!

EE PTO Secretary: Amanpreet Kaur

EE PTO Treasurer: Karen Stace

Central Quadrant Fundraising Coordinator: Melissa Hockey

I am excited to continue my role as the Central Quadrant Fundraising Coordinator. I have two daughters - one in fourth grade at MRE and one in eighth grade at MRM. I own and operate a NYS registered daycare in my home caring for school aged children, many from EE, MRE and MRM. I have been involved with the PTO for nine years. I have also been involved with Girl Scouts for several years. I am very organized and detail oriented and love coordinating the school's fundraising efforts. I enjoy being a part of this group that works hard to give the students all that they deserve. I can't wait for another amazing year!



We are parents and staff committed to our Liverpool Community.  We are your neighbors, your children’s teachers, and administrators.  The Central Quadrant PTO is composed of PTO's from the three schools (Elmcrest Elementary, Morgan Road Elementary and Morgan Road Middle). The quadrant runs events incorporating the three schools several times a school year. 

Elmcrest Elementary PTO operates under the larger umbrella of the Central Quadrant PTO as well as independently to create experiences tailored to our K-2 students and their families.  We are an integral part of your EE Family!


The Parent Teacher Organization plays a vital role in your child’s school experience.  The PTO helps fund school field trips, author visits, playground builds and extra-curricular experiences. We provide fun family events to build our school community and purpose. We are a group of dedicated volunteers eager to help all children and families in our community.


We believe in the power of school as a community center and pillar. We value our students, our staff and faculty, and our families and are intentional in our support of Elmcrest Elementary.

Learn More: Meetings are held monthly on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m at Elmcrest Elementary and virtually through Google Meet. 

Get Involved

Event Volunteers

We are nothing without our volunteers.  There are a million ways to help!  Event volunteers are people who would like to donate an hour or two of their time on occasion. You show up at an allotted time for a specific task or duty to help an event run smoothly. Event volunteers give what they can when they can.  It’s a great way for a busy family to stay engaged with your school community without overcommitting yourself!


Some of our larger events (Trunk or Treat, Craft Fair, Multicultural Night, Walk-a-thon, Garden beautification projects, etc.) run on committees.  A volunteer for a committee helps plan and organize the event and coordinate volunteers.  Committees require a slightly larger time commitment than event volunteering and oftentimes require between 5-10 hours of time over the course of the event planning and execution process.  Committees are a great way to showcase your strengths and passions and meet new people.


Fundraising is an integral part of the work we do as a PTO so that we can provide great experiences for our students and families.  Many fundraisers need volunteers on the back end to help plan, organize, order, collect and distribute. Fundraising volunteers often complete the “legwork” from home

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Disclaimer: The Elmcrest Elementary PTO, the Morgan Road Elementary PTO and the Morgan Road Middle PTO are considered outside groups, and are not governed/overseen by the Liverpool Central School District.