LMS Dress Code Update 3/2022

 All statements address all students. 

Here at LMS we want to create a safe, educational environment.

School is a place for education and learning, and your clothing should reflect that. 

Teachers have the right to require that students dress up for presentations or class specific activities.

Students must shower daily, brush their teeth, and wear deodorant and clean clothes. 

For safety reasons all students should wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for current weather conditions.

All shoes should have soles.

Students may not wear clothing or jewelry that has offensive language or images against race, religion, ancestry, national origins, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other legally protected status.  

All cultural and religious items (bonnets, hijab, etc.) may be worn in both the classroom and the hallways. 

Students may not wear clothing or jewelry that  promotes  and/or  endorses  the  use  of  alcohol, tobacco,  or  illegal  drugs,  and/or  encourages other illegal or violent activities.

Students may not wear spiked jewelry and chains due to safety concerns.  

Students must wear tops that cover the chest and are below the side of the rib cage.

Students must wear bottoms that cover from the hips to below the buttock.

No undergarments should be shown, defined as underpants and bra cups. 

For safety reasons there should be no hats or hoods worn in all public areas including hallways and cafeteria. 

Hats and hoods can be worn in the classroom at the discretion of the teacher. No distracting headwear.

Students who are in violation of the  dress code must change immediately with no argument.

Students will have the right to file an appeal and be heard by the dress code committ.