Principal's Page

Welcome to the Morgan Road Middle School Family!

New beginnings bring incredible opportunities for us to build new relationships, strong collaborative teams and a school culture and community that highlights individual strengths for our collective success. The heart of our work is service for our students and families. The Morgan Road Middle School Family will work together to provide the highest level of success for each of our Warriors. We get the best opportunity as we are building a totally new school community!

I have had the great pleasure of serving the Nate Perry Family for the last 10 years. I lead with heart, vulnerability, high-energy and a constant desire to do better. I believe in celebration, a positive mindset, constant reflection and recognition of all the small steps and wins! As we create a new school family and innovative middle level model the staff at MRM looks forward to creating a fun, positive and exciting school community. We also look forward to being home to the Liverpool STEAM Team. The opportunities with multiple pathways, authentic learning experiences and the celebration of all our amazing diversity will create a school community centered around high expectations for learning and belonging. The year ahead will be a positive one as we all work together to design something new! 

I am honored for the opportunity to serve at Morgan Road Middle School and am extremely excited about the adventure ahead. Feel free to reach out with any ideas or questions.

Warm regards,

Dana L. Ziegler