Education 2020 Recommendations

The Liverpool Central School District Board of Education approved these recommendations at its June 22, 2020 board meeting.

The Liverpool Cental School District Education 2020 Committee determined that the Liverpool community shares five key values with LCSD teachers and staff members:

  • Class size (only close schools if keeping current size is possible)
  • Program opportunities (Career and Technical Education, STEM/STEAM, etc.)
  • Mental health support/safety
  • Tradition (keep what is working)
  • Grade configuration (only change if it supports innovation)

What were the recommendations approved by the Board of Education in June 2020?

Building Closures
  • Close one elementary school
  • Close District Office (move those offices to the Liverpool High School campus)
Innovative Reconfiguration
  • Create four K-2 schools
  • Create four campus (3-5, 6-8) schools
  • Create one (9-12) high school (includes former Wetzel Road Elementary for career /technical programs)
Innovative Programs
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  • CTE (Career Technical Education)
  • Increased Special Education & English as a New Language programs
  • Instructional Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Mental Health Support
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Resources for Teachers