Education 2020

Education 2020 Fast Facts

Building Closures

  • Close Nate Perry Elementary
  • Close District Office (move offices throughout the district)

Innovative Reconfiguration

  • Create four K-2 schools (Donlin Drive Elementary, Elmcrest Elementary, Long Branch Elementary and Willow Field Elementary)
  • Create four campus (3-5, 6-8) schools (Chestnut Hill Complex, Liverpool Complex, Morgan Road Complex and Soule Road Complex)
  • Create one (9-12) high school (includes former Wetzel Road Elementary for career/ technical programs

Upcoming Timeline

Spring/Fall 2021

  • Hire a Realtor to sell the District Office and Nate Perry Elementary
  • Host several in-person community information meetings (dependent on COVID)

Fall 2021 (Stage 1)

  • Move the incoming freshmen class to the Liverpool High School Main Building
  • Finalize the restructuring process for the remaining district buildings

Fall 2022 (Stage 2)

  • Implement the quadrant model (K-2), 3-5, 6-8 buildings
  • Convert the LHS Annex into a fourth middle school

UPDATE (February 9, 2021):

The Liverpool Central School District currently is working with Forecast5 Analytics to review district boundaries and determine where students will go to school once building reconfiguration takes effect in the fall 2022. At the moment, there are several scenarios on the table for consideration, with a goal to create zones that ensure the district can offer the same opportunities for students in all K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 buildings.

As part of the review of district boundaries, LCSD administrators have been meeting with representatives from each building’s parent group to provide updates and seek feedback. These representatives have shared with the district that they do not want to see neighborhoods split between buildings, so the district has made it a priority to ensure that children living next door to each other attend the same school.

The Liverpool Central School District also is looking at multiple transportation scenarios. Currently the district’s Transportation Department uses a tiered system to transport students to and from school each day. With that tiered system, families with students at all three levels (elementary, middle and high school) may have three separate bus stop times each day. With the reconfiguration, the hope is the district can reduce the tiered system so that families only experience one or two bus stop times each day, although that would depend on specific family scenarios.

In addition to the parent group representatives, the district also continues to meet with union leadership and numerous district departments to finalize the larger framework for Education 2020 with the common goal of equality and equity for all students. Once that framework is set, teacher committees will be formed to discuss how the newly configured buildings will operate each day.

The district also is in the process of hiring a realtor to sell both the District Office (the former Craven Crawford Elementary) and Nate Perry Elementary. A request for proposal seeking a realtor will be sent out in February 2021, and the district anticipates the Board of Education approving a realtor in May 2021. It is important to note that the sale of Nate Perry Elementary will not be final until after the end of the 2021-2022 school year (late July or early August 2022).

The Liverpool Central School District anticipates hosting several in-person community meetings later this school year to provide families with updates and allow for back & forth conversations regarding Education 2020 implementation plans. When these meetings take place will depend on New York State COVID-19 regulations. 

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