Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways at Liverpool High School

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The Business Administration Pathway enables students to explore different areas of the business world and tailor courses to their areas of interest. 

In this program, students will gain knowledge and skills related to working with children, including child psychology, promoting growth and development, student learning and behavior, and much more! 

Communication Arts is designed for students who are interested in media studies. From running an independent film studio to being a staff member of our school magazine, The Lifeguard, students will learn the academic and technical skills required by a wide array of jobs in the field of media and communications.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or Drone Tech is an emerging technology that is seeing applications in a range of fields. Students in the program will get hands-on experience as they explore the many existing and new applications of this technology.

This program will provide an in-depth overview basic and advanced culinary skills as well as an examinination of different career pathways within the hospitality, foodservice and tourism industry. Students will learn about culinary dishes and techniques from all parts of our globe in weekly culinary labs!

The Pre-Apprenticeship program is an opportunity for students to explore their interest and aptitude in a variety of trades including construction, manufacturing, automotive technician, maintenance, welding and other fields. Students will use industry standard tools, equipment, and materials in authentic building experiences.

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Here are some CTE Pathway highlights

Check out the Hospitality, Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts CTE Pathway, as filmed and edited by The Lifeguard!

Students in the Communication Arts pathway made their own trailer! 


Early Childhood Education CTE pathway hosts a monthly Liverpool Littles!