LHS Yearbook

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Important Senior Photo Information

Senior Portrait Requirements

1. BACKGROUND COLOR - Predominantly soft, mottled, subtle tones of GRAY. 

2. DIGITAL PICTURES ONLY- No camera pictures.  .JPG  files only should be submitted. No black and white or sepia tone pictures. High resolution files only. Must use Google Form on Liverpool High Schools website. Filename: Last name_First name.  Submit one senior portrait per child. 

3. POSES - Variety of good head and shoulder poses. Subject’s head and shoulders turned in varying angles. No extreme head tilts or angles, No hands, No feet, No mug shots,   No trees, No pets, No instruments, No sports equipment etc. 

4. IMAGE SIZE - Vertical 2-1/2”x 3-½” wallet size high resolution photo, not including margins 

5. LIGHTING RATIO - Four to one highlight to shadow ratio. 

6. BACKGROUND - Corners must be dark with medium hot spot behind head and shoulders,     slightly mottled. 

7. CLOTHING - Girls: Avoid extreme necklines or loud patterns. Boys: Prefer conservative coat and tie to harmonize. 

8. SCHEDULE – Pictures are to be properly uploaded to the Google Form with the correct file name by Friday, November 4th, 2022. No pictures submitted by email will be accepted. 

*Please Note: Yearbook portraits that do not meet above specifications will not be included in the Liverpool yearbook. There is no guarantee that portraits submitted after November 4, 2022 will be in the yearbook. 

Each year, the Liverpool High School Yearbook Club publishes The Hiawathan, the LHS yearbook.

Check back later for information on how to purchase the 2022 - 2023 yearbook.