What is the PLC model for continuous improvement?What is the PLC

A ‘professional learning community’ is an ongoing process to which educators commit to working collaboratively in continuous cycles of collective inquiry and action research, asking why and how to achieve better results for the students we serve. The PLC foundation is job-embedded learning for educators.

What are the BIG ideas of the a PLC?

  1. Focus on learning - High levels of learning for ALL. This includes the entire community.  
  2. Collaborative Culture- We have a collective responsibility for the success of every student. All means all.
  3. Results Oriented- We are dedicated to best practice and research based instructional strategies, using student performance, multiple opportunities for assessment as a basis for decision-making.

Four questions provide the focus within the PLC:

  1. What knowledge, skills, and dispositions should every student acquire as a result of this unit, this course, or this grade level?
  2. How will we know when each student has acquired the essential knowledge and skills?
  3. How will we respond when some students don’t learn?
  4. How will we extend the learning of students who are already proficient?