WFE Pillars

WFE PillarsWelcome to WFE! Willow Field Elementary School provides a safe, successful learning environment in which ALL students reach their full potential through a differentiated learning environment focused on educating the whole child (academic, social/emotional, and behavior). WFE serves approximately 400 students K-6.

The WFE staff worked collaboratively to redefine the vision of our school through a commitment to three very important pillars.

  • Relationships
  • High Levels of Learning for ALL Mindset
  • Positive School Culture

Our collective commitments are written in the form of ‘we statements’ to guide our decision-making.  At WFE, we do whatever it takes

Relationships: how do we value and support relationships?
  1. We support one another with a positive attitude and honest communication.
  2. We listen first and value input.
  3. We recognize each other’s contribution to the team. Together is always better.
Learning for All: how do we strive for improvement and demonstrate a ‘learning for all’ mindset?
  1. We are lifelong learners- willing to try something new and take a risk.
  2. We collaborate to learn from one another.
  3. We welcome diversity and learn from different perspectives, and we challenge one another to broaden our own perspective.
Positive School Culture: how do we make decisions based on what is best for students always?
  1. We collaborate, cooperate, and plan together.
  2. We use a team approach to support student success.
  3. We do whatever it takes.