WFE Pillars and Collective Commitments

WFE Pillars

Relationships: how do we value and support relationships?

  1. We support one another with a positive attitude and honest communication.
  2. We listen first and value input.
  3. We recognize each other’s contribution to the team. Together is always better.

Learning for All: how do we strive for improvement and demonstrate a ‘learning for all’ mindset?

  1. We are lifelong learners- willing to try something new and take a risk.
  2. We collaborate, cooperate, and learn from one another. We develop as a team.
  3. We welcome diversity and learn from different perspectives, and we challenge one another to broaden our own perspective.

Positive School Culture: how do we make decisions based on what is best for students always?

  1. We use a team approach to understand needs based on data and support student success.
  2. We do whatever it takes for each and every student.
  3. Simply put, we remember to laugh and that learning is fun.


Thank you!