LCSD Middle Level Return to School Message

Good afternoon Liverpool CSD Middle Level Families,

As you are aware, with the recent modification of the social distancing requirements in school from six feet to three feet, the Liverpool Central School District is in the process of planning for the return of students to school five days per week. At this point in time, we feel confident that we will be able to transition our secondary students back to school after the March/April Break as long we are able to secure partitions/barriers from Onondaga County.

Below we have outlined important details with which you should be familiar:

  • With the announcement by Ryan McMahon and Dr. Gupta last week that social distancing in schools can be reduced from six feet to three feet with a mask and barrier in place, the district has been working on potential plans to return our students to in-person learning five days a week. This has been a very fluid process as we have been waiting for specifics from the county.
  • For grades 7-12, we will be combining our A, B, and C Cohorts, allowing these students to return to school five days a week. Our target start date is April 5th, but this date is completely dependent on the acquisition of the barriers. This date is dependent upon our district receiving the barriers necessary to switch to six feet distancing.
  • If we do not receive enough barriers, the district will focus on placing the barriers we do have in our elementary schools first and then adding them to the upper grades as we receive them. If this is the case, we will update families on the projected return date for secondary students.
  • Our D Cohort students will still be joining their classes remotely. Schools will be calling our D Cohort families in the coming days to see if students want to come back for in-person learning. This will be the final opportunity for Cohort D students to return to in-person learning this year. Cohort D students who opt not to return will be committing to remote learning for the remainder of this school year.
  • If there is a COVID-19 spike in the area or building, we may have to return to our previous hybrid model.
  • Cohort A, B and C students are expected to return to school five-days per week. Similar to our approach with alternating Wednesdays, families who have extenuating circumstances that would preclude students in these groups from returning 5-days per week are asked to contact their child’s school counselor.
  • The barriers that the county is ordering for secondary students are portable barriers with handles built into them. At the middle school level, students will be assigned an individual barrier that will be labeled with the student’s name.

We would like to stress that, despite our best efforts to plan, this situation continues to be fluid. We will continue to communicate with families as we near the March/April break. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal or school counselor.