Shuttles and Late Bus Info

Winter Middle School and LHS Sports Shuttles for 2023-2024:

Modified Sports Shuttles will start today Monday, January 8th for Winter 2 sports. The following shuttles will be provided starting today at 3:05 pm

Girls Modified Basketball - MRM, LMS, SRM, transported to CHM

Boys Modified Volleyball - CHM transported to LMS

Boys Modified Swimming - All Middle Schools transported to LHS

Boys Modified Wrestling - All Middle Schools transported to DDE

If you have any questions about our sports shuttle please contact the Transportation Department at 315-453-0287

Shuttle Buses #1 & #2 SRM (Pick up 3:05pm Arrive by 3:30pm)

Shuttle Buses #3 & #4 CHM (Pick up 3:05pm Arrive by 3:30pm)

Shuttle Buses #5 LMS (Pick up 3:05pm Arrive by 3:30pm)

Shuttle Buses #6 MRM (Pick up 3:05pm Arrive by 3:30pm)

Shuttle Bus Hockey, Wrestling at LHS  (Pick up 2:30pm Arrive by 4:00pm) Phoenix, Fulton, Oswego

Shuttle Bus Bowling at LHS  (Pick up 2:45pm Arrive by 3:00pm) Flamingo Bowl 

LHS and Middle School Late Buses:

LHS North Bus  (Arrive by 3:30pm Depart by 3:40pm)

LHS Central Bus  (Arrive by 3:30pm Depart by 3:40pm)

LHS South Bus  (Arrive by 3:30pm Depart by 3:40pm)

Middle Schools Bues (Arrive by 4:15pm Depart by 4:25pm)

Student Guidelines for Late Buses:

Students are required to submit a late run pass to the bus driver upon boarding the bus. The pass must include the date, student’s name, and bus stop location. The pass must be verified and approved by the student’s school.

As there are a limited number of buses for each school, ride times will vary depending on the number of students riding on a given day. In order to minimize ride times, drivers adjust their routing on a daily basis according to student drop off locations. 

Students will be dropped off as close as possible to their regularly assigned bus stops only, and are not allowed to be dropped off at places of employment, social events or other activities.

If you have any questions pertaining to late runs, please contact your child’s school or the transportation office 315-453-0287