Transportation Committee

On October 19, 2023, the Liverpool Central School District provided the community with information regarding the transition to electric school buses for the Liverpool Central School District. In alignment with New York State's objective to transition all school buses to zero-emission by 2035, the district is exploring the best path forward with the help of its Transportation Committee.

That evening, community members were presented the following information:

  1. Introduction and Overview of the NYS Electric School Bus Roadmap.
  2. Presentation by NY Bus and Girardin Macrobird on electric bus technology and benefits.
  3. Discussion on the Electric Study from National Grid.
  4. Insights into the Bus Fleet Analysis study currently being conducted by the power company Enel North America - USA.

Our deep dive into the NYS Roadmap and the subsequent research by our committees will address the vital facets of this transition: infrastructure expansion, fleet transition planning, workforce development, and coordination with electrical grid operators. Our emphasis is on ensuring that this transformation is not just sustainable but also equitable. We're dedicated to making sure our community benefits directly from these changes and that adequate training opportunities exist for a smooth transition.

Download the NYS Roadmap and Guidebook for P-12 Schools to Transition Bus Fleets to Zero-Emission